Create Your Dream Reality

Using Ancient Techniques of Alchemy


You are vibrational phenomena

Both signal and antenna

Here to play with the resonance of reality

If you do not have what you desire

It is only because you do not match its frequency

Discover advanced methods of manifestation

Using ancient techniques of magic and alchemy

Create the tension required

For a path of least resistance

Live five-day workshop

Master the Signal of Your Desires

The more you try to manifest desires, the more you seem to repel them.

The more they slip through your fingers, the more you lose your confidence.

The wealth, the love, the health, the freedom, and clarity.

With each passing day you start buying into the lie that you don't have what it takes.

That you should instead settle. 

And even try to convince yourself you didn't want it that much to begin with.

But you DO want it. All of it. 

The key to cultivating what you desire is to lead the way with your own vibration. 

But where most people fall here is that they try to "fix" or "heal" their frequencies - which creates a structure for more things to heal or fix. 

Energy always follows the path of least resistance and you, my friend, are pure energy. 

Here to play with the resonance of reality. 

The alchemist is the one who has mastery over their signal. 

Easier said than done, of course, when there are reminders everywhere of what you don't yet have. 

Resonance Rituals is a five day intensive aimed to equip you with the most important skill of the alchemist. 

Inside you will uncover how to create the correct tension for a path of least resistance to your dream reality. 

You will walk away BELIEVING in your true capacities, with CLARITY and deep RESONANCE. 

This workshop will equip you for a lifetime and change how you approach all areas of your life  - your relationships, business, health, financial circumstances and wellbeing. 

Over the course of five days we will be diving into ancient techniques of alchemy so that you may command what you desire with ease. 

We start Aug 23rd. 

Why You Don't Already Have It

There’s a big problem in the personal development space that tells you to heal old wounds before you can have what you desire. Or it advises you to get really specific on what your desires are - otherwise it won’t happen.

"Fixing” or “healing” existing problems ultimately keep you looped into what you DON'T want. And getting specific will actually harm your efforts if you lack an important ingredient behind it.

Here are the most common reasons why your existing desires have not yet come to pass:

>> You are trying to fix something instead of calling to yourself your true creative core’s intention and desires...

>> You have not created the proper structure of tension from which energy can flow through...

>> You are feeling into a "feeling space" but neglecting the HIGHEST form of manifestation, and therefore create contradicting signals that actually repel desires...

>> You are trying to conjure out of emotional alignment (not matching the resonance) - ie: trying to call money in from a space of lack...

>> You are trying to do it yourself, we are ALL blind to our own blindspots - hence why they are called this. The easiest way to tell if you match the signal of desires is to ask yourself if you have what you seek, if the answer is no then you haven't dialled in to it yet


Who This is For

>> You are seeking to cultivate BIG desires for yourself that - so far - have felt out of reach...

>> You are beginning to buy into the lie that you won't ever succeed, you struggle to truly believe and trust...

>> You are struggling to shift past red light states (boredom, pain, unfulfilment, anxiety, loneliness, frustration, confusion, depression)...

>> You have tried law of attraction and manifestation with some success but want deeper level work to finally move through blocks...

>> You are comfortable - or at the least fascinated - with the world of magic and alchemy and wish to go deeper with a guide...

>> You are seeking community and support to help you really step into your true creative core...

In 2018, I found myself at the height of financial success but deeply depressed. And while I had achieved money - I struggled to call o myself a partner.

The more I tried to manifest love AND money, the more freedom and fulfilment I tried to unlock, the WORSE it became, the deeper my depression grew.

And then in 2020, I had a mental breakdown and lost it all. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, heartbroken and my business in tatters.

This is when I began to explore ancient principles of magic and developed a technique that used emotional alignment at the ore of manifestation.

Within a month of applying the techniques, I was free of the suicidal depression. Within two months I had called in my divine partner.


Discover Ancient Techniques of Magic & Alchemy to Master the Frequency

Do you truly believe you can have it all?

Most people don’t realise manifestation and conjurings can be really easy and fast - the key is always to tune into the resonance of desires.

BUT - it is not enough to just find the "feeling space", or to get very specific about what we want and this is where the typical methods of manifestation let us down.

If you’re like most people you likely have experienced this at some stage in your life, and likely encounter the following everyday:

- I am not good enough

- I will never succeed

- I am incapable

- I don’t belong

- I an all alone

- I gave to be perfect

If you do not have everything you desire then 100% resonance rituals is for you!

Let me teach you what has taken me years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to uncover that has turned me into a skilled alchemist.

Discover how to create the path of least resistance for your dreams and master the skill of the alchemist.


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